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The following can be copied and pasted when creating a new source page.


==Bibliographic Information==

:Call Number

{{#ask: [[has source::{{ROOTPAGENAME}}]] | format=gallery}}



===People in this Source===

===Places in this Source===

===Organizations in this Source===

===Related Sources===



Bibliographic Information

This Section is usually only needed for published books. The information can be obtained by searching for the book on Google Books and copying the Bibliografic information from the main book page.

note: for correct formatting place a ":" at the begging of each line.

If the book can be found at a library, include the library name and the call number.


For guidelines on citations formats used for various sources in this research, see Citation References.

  • Books - Visit WorldCat and search for the book. On the profile page for the book you will find a "cite/export" button. Select Chicago, and copy and paste. Delete the URL at the end of the citation.


Bulleted list of links to sources or links related to the source.


Place notes about source, including quotes to be used later. Use blockquote and include links and page numbers of the quote.

  • Transcription - Some sources are short enough, or important enough, they need to be transcribed. Place transcription of document here if applicable.
  • People in this Source - bulleted list of relevant people contained in this source (if applicable)
  • Places in this Source - bulleted list of relevant places contained in this source (if applicable)
  • Organizations in this Source - bulleted list of relevant organizations in this source (if applicable)

Related Sources

Bulleted list of any sources cited by this source that may be related to further research.

Documents from this source

Gallery of actual images from this document.

  • include brief description with each image.


Include the type of source which best describes the new source.



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