Elizabeth Hickox

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Elizabeth Matthews
BornElizabeth Hickox
Georgia, United States
Diedunknown"unknown" contains an extrinsic dash or other characters that are invalid for a date interpretation.
Georgia, United States
Resting placeGeorgia, United States
ResidenceGeorgia, United States
Spouse(s)John Matthews on 30 Jan 1847 at Wayne County, Georgia, United States
Parent(s)David Hickox and Sarah Altman


Elizabeth2 Hickox, daughter of Daughter of David1 Hickox and Sarah Altman, was born 1829 at Georgia,United States. She married John Matthews on 30 Jan 1847 at Wayne County, Georgia,United States.



Children of John H Mathews and Elizabeth Hickox. married January 1847 at Wayne, Georgia, United States.

i. John3 H Mathews
ii. Elizabeth3 Mathews
iii. Sarah3 A Mathews
iv. Mary3 A Mathews
v. Florida3 A Mathews
vi. Daniel3 W Mathews
vii. Nancy3 J Mathews
viii. Henry3 K Mathews
ix. John3 P Mathews
x. Missouri3 Mathews
xi. Ella3 Mathews
xii. Benjamin3 F Mathews


1870 Census[1]

1880 Census


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