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As with all research, this site is a work in progress. I am currently developing the Main Page, researching the Family Tree. The goal of this wiki is to provide biographical sketches (focusing on sources) for family members of interest. It will also be a place to publish research notes, and articles providing historical and interesting context to the lives of those captured in my family tree.

David-Sarrah Hickox.jpg
David Hickox

David1 Hickox is the father of the large Hickox family in the region of Southeast Georgia known as the The Wire Grass Region. David was born 13 January 1798, in Connecticut. David first married Elizabeth Knowles on 30 Aug 1821. Seven years later, in 1828, David and Sarah Altman were married.Sarah was born in 1812 in Wayne County Georgia, and died 2 Feb 1884.


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Surnames of Interest

Hickox, Sikes
Edwards, Birkett

People of Interest

  • Oliver Haswell James of Sommerville - Born: 14 Nov 1903, New York and Died: 22 Dec 1975, Massachusets.
  • Jimmie H Crews of Folkston - Born: 18 Nov 1895, Georgia and Died: 16 Feb 1998, Florida.
  • David Hickox of Ware County - Born: 13 Jan 1798, Connecticut and Died: 24 Feb 1887, Georgia
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Please bear with me until the dust settles.This wiki began 11/20/11.