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Oliver Haswell James
Born24 November 1904
New York, United States
Died22 December 1975 (age 71)
Somerville Hospital, 230 Highland Ave. Somerville, Massachusets, United States
ResidenceWatertown, Massachusetts, United States
OccupationShip fitter and pipe fitter
Spouse(s)Rachel Winch Edwards (1923-1929)
ChildrenWilliam Oliver James
Parent(s)John James and Ida Clarkson

Biographical Sketch[1]

Oliver1 James (JohnA) was born on 14 Nov 1903 in Yonkers, New York[2] the youngest son of JohnA James [3], of Virginia, and IdaA Elsie Goodheart, of New York[4]. Oliver had two siblings, John2 James, and Alviest2 James.[5] Oliver married Rachel Winch Edwards, daughter of William Hadley Edwards and Florence Adelaide Whiton, on 23 Jun 1923 in Fairfield, Fairfield County, Connecticut[6]. They divorced 5 Jun 1929 in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.[7] Oliver died 22 Dec 1975 in Somerville Hospital, 230 Highland Ave, Sommerville, Middlesex County, Massachusetts[8] of Acute Myocardial Infarction, coronary Artery Disease and Myocardial Infarction.[9]

The James family moved from New York to Connecticut between ??? and ???, where they lived for ??? years. See Birth Discrepancy Chart

While in Connecticut, Oliver married Rachel Edwards (Rachel Winch Edwards on 23 Jun 1923, in Fairfield Connecticut. Rachel was born 28 Nov 1896, Church Street, Watertown, Massachusetts, United States to William Edwards and Florence Adelaide Whiton.

Life After the Divorce

According to the 1930 census, Oliver was living with his family in Sommerville, Middlesex County, Ma, with mother Ida, brother, John James, and sister Alviest James (name difficult to read).


Oliver died 22 Dec 1975 in Somerville Hispital 230 Highland Ave. Somerville, Ma.

His will and probate records mention:

When the will was executed, the estate passed to Amanda.


Children of Oliver1 James and Rachel? Edwards. born in Boston, Massachusetts..

2. i. William2 Oliver James b. 19 Mar 1924; married Elsie Birkett.


Birth Discussion

Oliver's exact birth place remains a mystery. [note 1]The 1920 census lists New York city, and on 1 Dec 1936, he listed his place of birth as Yonkers, NY. A vital records request yielded no record of his birth, and his death certificate lists "Can not be learned".

Birth Documents


Oliver and Rachel had one son William Oliver James was born 29 Mar 1924 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. According to his son, William, Oliver never knew his son or lived with his wife. They lived separately until they were divorced in 5 Jun 1929. [court documents 1]


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What we would like to know

  • Where was Oliver actually born?
  • What is Oliver's actual date of birth?
  • Does he have any living relatives?


Birth Day Discrepancy Chart

Birth Record Date Birthplace Age Source Type Link Notes
William James' birth certificate between 25 Mar 1899 and 24 Mar 1900. New York 24 Secondary [Image]
1940 Federal Census between 2 Apr 1903 and 1 Apr 1904
The 1930 Federal Census between 2 Apr 1903 and 1 Apr 1904
The Death Certificate between 23 Dec 1902 and 22 Dec 1903
The Social Security Number Application born 14 Nov 1903 in Yonkers New York.
The 1905 State Census between 02 Jul 1903 and 01 Jul 1904

Research Log

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  1. I am currently in the process of utilizing Evidentia extensively to analze the the available documents and, hopefully, ahead some light around this mystery. You can see the most up to reports used to draw the conclusions presented here.

Appendices and Discussions


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  1. I believe all of the information presented about Oliver James to be correct and supported by thorough analysis of the evidence. However, several sources contain conflicting information. I have made an effort to be as transparent as possible as to which evidence was reviewed and how each conclusion was made. For more specific information about any of the conclusions drawn follow the links to the original source, and review the attached proofs for each claim. All proofs can be located Oliver's Proof page or by following the proof footnotes
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    Not much is known about Oliver's parents other than their names and approximate dates of birth.

    {{#lsth:Oliver Haswell James/Birth Discussion|Birth Discussion}}
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