Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia

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Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia : a biographical account of some of the early settlers of that portion of Wiregrass Georgia embraced in the original counties of Irwin, Appling, Wayne, Camden, and Glynn
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Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia by Folks Huxford
AuthorFolks Huxford
SubjectLocal Hisotry
PublisherHomverville, Ga. : Huxford Genealogical Society.
Media typePrint

Volumes in this Series

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  • Used to be able to locate at the Mesa Family History Center, but it's now closed, and I'm not sure where the books went.
  • Vol's 1,2, and 6 may be availible at State Library of Arizona
  • May be able to locate at Houston Public Library

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Huxford, Folks. Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia: A Biographical Account of Some of the Early Settlers of That Portion of Wiregrass Georgia Embraced in the Original Counties of Irwin, Appling, Wayne, Camden, and Glynn, Folks Huxford. 7 volumes. Homerville, Georgia: Huxford Genealogical Society, 1954.

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